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Company Policy

Since the establishment of Kirihara Electro Plating Company on March 22, 1947, we have been pushing forward with advancing technology and creating new values through precision plating of small parts under the principal of marketing our techniques. We begin a new phase of our business with the coming of the 21century and intend to try our best in the development of business and the innovation of technology. We changed the company name to ERG Co., LTD on May 1,1997 and restarted the company with dreams, attractiveness and vitality.


ERG creates new values through the technological advances in surface treatment.
Consequently, ERG looks forward to creating an enterprise with a better working environment based on employee satisfaction and customer needs.


  1. Assume full responsibility for the decisions made.
  2. Seek work actively with honesty
  3. Remember everything begins with individual responsibility.
  4. Strive hard to complete work.
  5. Never forget to work with creativity.
  6. The better the working atmosphere is, the better the work is.


ERG is in pursuit of improving our surface treatment technology so as to gain the trust and to meet needs from our customers. We also provide higher product quality with the most up-to-date equipment and the newest manufacturing processes. Therefore, we promise to offer products that meet complete customer satisfaction.


ERG recognizes the importance of global environment and make every effort for effective use of resources and being environmental friendly Furthermore, we hand down the loving Earth to the next generation by continuing the activities harmonized with environment.

Conflict Minerals Procurement Policy - Declaration of Mineral Conflict-Free

The metals produced in Conflict areas of Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbor countries, The Gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and tin (Sn) are called "Conflict mineral", they become the source of funds of the armed group repeating a non-humanitarian act. ERG Co., Ltd. declares the metal Conflict-Free on products supplied to customers.
In addition, we perform an action in the whole supply chain by this problem, using a gConflict Minerals Reporting Templateh, we collect the response about the conflict mineral from the supplier, and carry out appropriate management.

ERG express our company policy by the word [ERG]

Energy can be expressed by [ERG], the minimum absolute unit. The origin of [ERG] is Greek word, [ergon] that means [work]. The performance of a company is created by accumulation of small [work] of each employee. The origin of [work] is a dream everyone has, and [bright energy of youthfulness and pleasure].
We use the word [ERG] to express [the origin of energy for every employee to works], that is [Working with pleasure]

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Company Policy

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